Sunday, 29 November 2009

Some Garment research...

I am required to research different garments every week for my module 'Garment Technology'. Within this research, I produce a visual research board and analyse each image. Garments that I have researched this semester include hoods, fitted dresses/bra top dresses, interesting sleeves, rever collars, raglan sleeves, circle, gathered and pleated skirts, casual outerwear and sportswear. Below are a few examples.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

DESN 2250 Project Continued...

In this project, we were required to create three different repeat patterns with three different colourways for each one. As well as this, we had to design three garments. Above are my three garments that I have chosen along with the three chosen patterns. Flats are also shown for each garment. To produce these, we had to learn how to use the software called 'Lectra' including Kaledo Print and Kaledo Style.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Final illustrations- Martin Margiela.

These are my first ideas for my final illustrations. They are designs for Martin Margiela. I haven't drawn the feet yet though!! I have tried to make the poses very natural and basic and style them in a unique way. I will develop this even further. Feel free to comment, giving your opinions!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Photoshopping to the extreme!

After seeing Madonna in the new Louis Vuitton commercial (Fall 09), I couldn't believe how different she looked. It has been overly photoshopped, making her look mannequin-like and blemish-free. In one of the images she is wearing a skimpy pair of monogrammed briefs, which the daily mail describe as 'more lad's mag than high fashion'. She is 50 years old, acting as if she is in her teens.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Harvey Nichols.

I was walking through the Leeds city centre the other afternoon, and just had to take a photo of the Harvey Nichols window displays. They look amazing, especially in the dark with the bright lighting. Anyone walking past will always have a glance, if not have a good stop and stare at them. I find them so effective and very inspirational. So much time and effort goes into each display, but it is time and effort very well spent.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Few more Garments

Rever Collar
Raglan Sleeve

Some designs for Martin Margiela.

These are a few of my first ideas, with some range building and development work. I am going to change the silhouettes, as they are too elegant. I will make them much more simple, with blanked out faces.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Horrors of Pattern Cutting!!!

One of my modules includes pattern cutting and constructing garments. So far this semester, I have made patterns for and constructed a hood (shown above), an evening bodice (shown above), a puff sleeve, a rever collar and a raglan sleeve. Some of the pattern development is shown above. I find this work very challenging and impossible to complete a whole pattern and garment in only 3 hours!!! It is the most stressful and time consuming module...but once the garment is complete, it is very rewarding knowing that you have designed and created it.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Inspiration you can Get from a Vintage Fair!

Last Weekend, I attended a vintage fair in headingly. I'd actually never been to one before, so didn't really know what to expect, but after this visit I will definitely go again! I heard that it was £15 for a kilo of clothes which is a complete bargain and so had to go!!

I've always loved Vintage clothes. They are cheap, original and inspiring.

As I was rummaging through the clothes, I gathered interesting patterns, fabrics and textures that were inspiring to me. As well as the inspiration that I gained, I also bought 9 tops/dresses for £15 which was definately a plus!!! I will be sure to attend the next vintage fair.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Trends project for DESN 2250

The work shown below is research for my project using the programme 'Lectra'. I will mainly be using 'Kaledo print' and 'Kaledo Style'. The aim is to create a theme and colour palette, in order to then create different repeat patterns with different colourways. These will be shown on illustrations after developing silhouettes and garments shapes. Flat drawings of the garments will also be included. This research is development work, leading to a final collection of work.

A Geometry Assignment for Fashion Design??!!

For one of my modules, I was required to create 12 different geometric patterns, generated by creating tiles from a triangle and a square. I found this very challenging in a VERY different way to my other modules. It was hard work and time consuming. I used photoshop 7.0 to create this. The end use is a fashion garment, shown in the centre of the page. The theme is Islamic Art, which has inspired the colour palette and the patterns.

Autumn/Winter 10/11- Whats in store for Martin Margiela???

I am currently doing a project based on the designer, Martin Margiela. I have thoroughly research his previous collections, background, stores and style. I have researched trends for Autumn Winter 2010/2011 in order to create my own moodboard, picking out key things that Margiela would. I have created a customer board, moodboard and fabric board. This means that I am now up to the part I like best: the designing!! I will update you on this project soon, showing you the designs created from this inspiration. The work above shows Margiela's previous collection, the moodboard and customer board.